Thoughts Like Balloons

Do thoughts of me caress your mind like fingers running  through your hair? Because thoughts of you  swell in my mind expanding like balloons and popping under the prick  of a single pin.

Next Passage

Because maybe it’s biology  that makes me think  that you and me  could really be  something but so the tale goes  the one who’s supposed to save the damsel  and reap her love  really just threw a metal hook  to her windowsill  provided an escape  from the only world she knew  but left  before she…


Would you notice if I took a step back if I pulled away folding in on myself  like an unsuspecting  supernova? If the death of this star is the only event  that gets your attention, I hope you’ll feel my warmth. 

But First

I’m not sure where I’m going but it will be beautiful  and I will  feel again I will  be happy  again explore laugh stretch  again — I will  heal and I will  hurt  but I won’t  get stuck  for too long because this life is for living  and it is my life and I cannot …


I will not unravel because of you  because this is my life because I tried  And I will continue to try  but not for you for myself  because I know how to love me  properly gently and when I’m ready harder.


But what if your heart has a predetermined  number of beats? Sometimes I wish I could gift a few but I know that I’d give too much  and cut my life at least in half So if your heart has a predetermined  number of beats I would give you  as many as you need.