Planting Trees

If I accept,  will you build me into your cobblestone patio  let me dig my fingers into the earth  to fill every crack with the green that seeps out from underneath?  Will you bury me and all our secrets in your garden  so no one can distinguish between  the seeds that plant peas  and the…

Letting Go

I let go of you faster than a sneeze, you slipped between my fingers  and although I practiced  holding you memorized all your ridges, I quickly realized I was never meant to hold you. 


There are galaxies inside you, sometimes they pirouette  make you point your toes in some direction  you’ve never known but what you do know is that there are so many kinds of love to fill you up.

Don’t Maul the Lion-Tamer

I am tired of searching for myself in the arms of someone else, I am impatient to heal from the wounds you inflicted and the wounds I inflict on myself, so I try to pass the time by counting every  red and white stripe in this tent I can find. When I get tired of…

Dust on My Headboard

Well, I’m not sure if “Love is a dog from hell,” because love hasn’t called love hasn’t showed up on my doorstep just ‘cause, love hasn’t texted, love has only left dust on my headboard. 

To Land

You were so familiar running my fingers over the keys of this old typewriter  almost Like I’d written  your name before, but when I pressed  the first letter  of your name, years of rust  both upheld & defended the key from landing.

Thoughts Like Balloons

Do thoughts of me caress your mind like fingers running  through your hair? Because thoughts of you  swell in my mind expanding like balloons and popping under the prick  of a single pin.

Next Passage

Because maybe it’s biology  that makes me think  that you and me  could really be  something but so the tale goes  the one who’s supposed to save the damsel  and reap her love  really just threw a metal hook  to her windowsill  provided an escape  from the only world she knew  but left  before she…


Would you notice if I took a step back if I pulled away folding in on myself  like an unsuspecting  supernova? If the death of this star is the only event  that gets your attention, I hope you’ll feel my warmth.