Ivory Queen

I watched  as the other asparagus shoots  sprang up toward the sun, just like all our lily cousins, plucked for their grassy inclination.  I nuzzled the earth instead deep inside its soil, befriending the worms who swam around me sightless yet they too sensed the light above. Chubby, with milky white spears, I didn’t know…

I Am

I am not  the thoughts  that parade themselves one moment and light themselves ablaze the next. I am not the painful memories  encased in a golden hue. I am not  the shame loyally waiting by my bedside each night, nor the shame that rears her head whenever I mention my allergies, nor the shame  that…


I find myself flocking to the inbox of someone new nearly every day— what is it about constant correspondence I crave so much? It is the skeleton of intimacy, the shavings of human interaction  and interconnectivity  and somehow I’ve duped myself  into believing  that it is enough for me. 

Beauty From Just Being

I am infinite though my body will come to rot, press your hand against my skin, feel 300 years worth  of strength of stories of sheer existence  coursing through this bark to let you know it is okay to be torn open just as it is okay to grow, it is part of growing. You…

Ode to the Pussy

Ode to the pussy that’s right, you heard me correctly  this is a poem  dedicated to the pussy my pussy specifically you see she’s quite the detective, always knowing  what or who is coming next, if I should continue seeing him  or onto the next one because she too  knows what she wants  and that…


I wear these words  as armor because if I can’t rely on you to hold me to protect me to embrace me, I’ll do it myself.


To love oneself, the conglomeration  of atoms, molecules  aspirations, failures  down to the way your body jiggles  when you walk— that is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. 


I let everything grow out of me I scrubbed away the smell of you scrubbed away the memories of us that lingered on my body, scrubbed away all the promises you made and wrote some promises of my own: I promise to love myself. I promise to protect myself. I promise not to settle.

But First

I’m not sure where I’m going but it will be beautiful  and I will  feel again I will  be happy  again explore laugh stretch  again — I will  heal and I will  hurt  but I won’t  get stuck  for too long because this life is for living  and it is my life and I cannot …