A Measure for Success

Upon the first sip,
the conductor taps his baton twice
Good morning and welcome to the show
We hope you enjoy it.

Two sips, three sips
neurons begin to fire through
my brain
zooming across
one hemisphere to the next
like fireworks exploding, chanting
Hey, you got this!

Four sips, five sips, six sips, seven
suddenly the world is awake,
and the sun shining through
the window
snorts out a saxophone solo.

Eight sips, nine sips, ten sips, eleven
the conductor’s hand
zips through the air
like lightning
positive thoughts soaring through my mind.

Twelve sips, thirteen sips, fourteen sips, fifteen
I wonder how big this cup is
and just like that
the coffee is gone —

a pause, I listen

and the conductor’s baton
whips through my mind
once more,
kneading his symphony
into my nerves
all day long.

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