“You are infinite,” she said, brushing a strand of hair  behind my ear  with one of her wrinkled hands etched with all the memories of her trips, “Stay curious and let yourself enjoy life,” she said,  bowing her head to look at me  over the top of her glasses,  a small smile hovering over her…

Like Field Mice

When I think of you, my body feels heavy  weighed down by 10 years of memories that never cease  to scamper around my brain like field mice on an August afternoon.

Wood Chips & Gravity

Do you remember the map of the world or rather the U.S spread out  across the hot top? We’d try to remember  which states were where chasing one another around the map — Well, they buried our world  with another brick building, cut the hot top  into a fourth of what it used to be,…


I let everything grow out of me I scrubbed away the smell of you scrubbed away the memories of us that lingered on my body, scrubbed away all the promises you made and wrote some promises of my own: I promise to love myself. I promise to protect myself. I promise not to settle.