Elapsed you only really think of this word in terms of time, in terms of what is behind us and what is in front of us, but the word oozes a sense of disaster of calamity folding in on itself  over and over and over again, it pulls you apart like taffy because you are…


I’m starting to feel my toes again the feeling has returned  to my ankles  my shins  my knees snaking its way around  my waist, my ass up the middle of my back tracing my spine  vertebrate by vertebrate, and occasionally gets stuck  like an ascending wooden rollercoaster, jolting and threatening  to dump me out of…

The Axis

I am not interested  in only half of your attention  I want to be the axis upon which  your world turns, the cure for  your drooping daffodils. 

Parade of One

I dreamt that I was a parade with tiny flags in my hair and everywhere— I wrapped my streamers around you to pull you in, forgetting you weren’t a part of the spectacle, but what is a parade of one?

The Garden Within

I don’t want  to hold onto you anymore, said the voice in my head Oh, but you will regardless, piped my heart, kneeling in a garden of flowers plucking out the weeds one by one.


You pop in and out of my life like the sun slips in front of and behind the clouds  a fickle force of nature, yet I still turn to you  to help my flowers bloom.

Next Passage

Because maybe it’s biology  that makes me think  that you and me  could really be  something but so the tale goes  the one who’s supposed to save the damsel  and reap her love  really just threw a metal hook  to her windowsill  provided an escape  from the only world she knew  but left  before she…