Springtime Serotonin

Something sweet peppers the spring air like that perfect lemon tint that drapes itself over summer days, unaware of the mental dazebrought on by winter coatsthreatening to zip me out of this universe. The fuzzy buds on the trees wiggle with the breeze, another sign of spring steeping,luring the black-capped chickadees to sing of the coming sunny days the kind…

Ivory Queen

I watched  as the other asparagus shoots  sprang up toward the sun, just like all our lily cousins, plucked for their grassy inclination.  I nuzzled the earth instead deep inside its soil, befriending the worms who swam around me sightless yet they too sensed the light above. Chubby, with milky white spears, I didn’t know…


I’m starting to feel my toes again the feeling has returned  to my ankles  my shins  my knees snaking its way around  my waist, my ass up the middle of my back tracing my spine  vertebrate by vertebrate, and occasionally gets stuck  like an ascending wooden rollercoaster, jolting and threatening  to dump me out of…

Parade of One

I dreamt that I was a parade with tiny flags in my hair and everywhere— I wrapped my streamers around you to pull you in, forgetting you weren’t a part of the spectacle, but what is a parade of one?


You pop in and out of my life like the sun slips in front of and behind the clouds  a fickle force of nature, yet I still turn to you  to help my flowers bloom.

A Beautiful View

I will prevent myself from wanting you I’ll try to build a wall between us since you stopped pursuing me— I’ll let my vines crawl up it and whisper to the buds to bloom  so at least on my side there’s a beautiful view.