She only spoke in seismographs  abrupt, exploding with words that parted the tectonic plates of my soul. 

Letting Go

I let go of you faster than a sneeze, you slipped between my fingers  and although I practiced  holding you memorized all your ridges, I quickly realized I was never meant to hold you. 


To love oneself, the conglomeration  of atoms, molecules  aspirations, failures  down to the way your body jiggles  when you walk— that is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself. 


It is delicate one off word and that could be it but if that’s the case then so be it— Life is too short  to walk on eggshells  for other people, so instead, I’ll just make some scrambled eggs. You’re more than welcome to join me.


There are galaxies inside you, sometimes they pirouette  make you point your toes in some direction  you’ve never known but what you do know is that there are so many kinds of love to fill you up.


I looked at photos of you like paintings in a museum you were just  a plain old mountainside a vignette of a harbor  full of faded colors yet your description boasted of  grandeur, of some artist  I probably hadn’t heard of— You were always going to be  untouchable, I should have known  from the moment…


I am tired of a restlessness  so deep in my bones  I can feel it in  my molecules, a restlessness marked by this incessant need to find my face light up from my cell phone screen, to listen to the voices  of people on TV to chip away at a loneliness  protected by me. 

Don’t Maul the Lion-Tamer

I am tired of searching for myself in the arms of someone else, I am impatient to heal from the wounds you inflicted and the wounds I inflict on myself, so I try to pass the time by counting every  red and white stripe in this tent I can find. When I get tired of…

The Axis

I am not interested  in only half of your attention  I want to be the axis upon which  your world turns, the cure for  your drooping daffodils.